We are looking for secondary school teachers to help shape the development of a new film making website that is designed to be used in schools

The website is an online interactive film studio that teaches and enables school children to make cinematic standard films using their smartphone/ mobile or tablet. The website works as a project based tool which is appropriate for any subject covered in Humanities, Science, English and Drama. However, we are most interested in finding out which subject you think this would be useful for.

We are asking for interested teachers to explore various aspects of the website and review how they think the website would fit into the classroom/ school and how they think it could be used.

We will send over the website demo on August the 16th and would need all feedback forms to be returned by the 1st of September. We estimate that the work will take roughly 2.5 hours of your time, including time to explore the website in full and then to fill out a feedback form on how you found the website experience.

We will pay you £50 as a thank you for your time and will provide all the materials for you to review as well as templates for your feedback.

If you are interested in taking part, please click 'apply now' and complete the form which appears at the bottom of the page once logged in. In the supporting information box please tell us why you are interested in writing this review


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