We are looking for KS3 teachers from around the country to take part in a high profile media filming event on the subject of boys’ body image. 

The event will take the form of a live-streamed conversation, that will also be recorded for an edited final video, in which an enthusiastic and confident teacher is filmed speaking with approximately half a class of boys aged 12-14.

The filming will bring together three schools from across the country to discuss issues surrounding boys’ body image, so we are looking for groups of students from a variety of backgrounds, and with a variety of attitudes towards body image, to provide a wide range of views and opinions to the conversation. The final film will later be hosted online by Media Smart, a not-for-profit advertising-education company.

The event is currently scheduled for the 21st April, so teachers should be available to film on this date. The teacher and schools involved will be strong in PSHE and show clear enthusiasm for the subject of body image. The students taking part should also be comfortable in front of a camera and happy to take part in the discussion. 

The filming will take place in your school, so a good room needs to be available on site. There will be media attending the day, in addition to the film crew. We can provide assistance in organising media permission for the students taking part ahead of the event.

We are able to provide a fee of £100 for the teacher taking part in the video and a further £100 for your school

If you are interested it would be great to know some more about your school and your interest in PSHE, including any prior learning on the topic of body image with your pupils.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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