We are looking for secondary school teachers of pupils aged 11-14 to help shape the development of a free teaching resource focused on boy’s body image. 

Developed by Media Smart, a not-for-profit advertising-education company, the boy’s body image project is responding to a 2016 report which revealed that over half of boys think dieting and extreme exercise are gender-neutral issues, and see advertising as one of a top four pressures to look good.

With research further suggesting that parents and teachers may not always recognise the full effects of the issue in relation to boys, these resources hope to develop a greater awareness of how everyone is affected by body image and to better equip students of all genders to discuss body image in a positive way.

The Media Smart: boy’s body image project will consist of the ideas and resources for a one-hour lesson. This will include a teacher’s guide, two activity sheets, and a PowerPoint presentation. Specifically focusing on body image in response to advertising, the resource is designed to fulfil areas of the PSHE (and its equivalents across the home nations) curriculum and sets out cross-curricular links to English. We are asking for teachers of PSHE/health and wellbeing etc. and English to review the following elements. You will have around a week to review each part: 

Project synopsis: review period 7th Feb – 14th Feb

Resource content (teacher’s guide, presentation, activity sheets x2): review period 3rd – 13th March

We will provide all the materials for you to review as well as templates for your feedback

We estimate that the two reviews will take between 1-2 hours in total to complete. We will pay you £40 for your time.

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