We are looking for two primary school teachers and one secondary school teacher with an interest in healthy eating and living to take part in trialling the free resources in our Get Set to Eat Fresh Campaign.

Get Set to Eat Fresh, run in partnership with Team GB and Aldi, is a programme aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 14, and includes free materials for teachers and parents to help educate children about fresh healthy food. These materials help develop cooking skills and have a strong focus on the social context of food, urging families to eat together in their home environment. 

Ideally you have a background or interest in food tech, though this isn’t a requirement for the primary teacher applying. We are looking for an individual with a strong motivation to improve children’s lives through their understanding of food and nutrition.

The resources will aid teachers in encouraging children to Get Set to Eat Fresh and enjoy learning about and preparing healthy, fresh food. We are testing four new themes in this campaign: Investigate Fresh Food, Shop with Success, Masters  Skills  and Travel with Food. Each theme accompanied by online activity ideas, key questions, a film and four downloadable online assets  hosted on the website. 

We estimate this this will take between 2 and 3 hours of your time and we'll pay you £70 as a thank you.

All materials will  be provided, as well  as template for your feedback. 

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